A Platypus In Your Home!

Not as crazy as it first sounds, I promise! You don’t need to hide your pets, or buy a big paddling pool. This is all about ME coming to YOU.


Private Sessions

Sometimes the thought of mixing with others you don’t know, or acting out of your normal comfort zone, or just the thought of being singled out for attention in front of others can be too much for children to cope with. And whilst they might LOVE the idea of going to kids clubs, the thought of actually doing it fills them with anxiety and fear. Rather than miss out on the opportunity, there is another way…

If your child prefers to learn in their own home, with just their closest friends, or on their own. Or if you’d like a private family session, contact me to find out how I can make life easier for you.


Yoga Parties

Yoga parties are AWESOME! And fun…and unique! If you or your child are tired of the current party trend, why not try something a little different and throw a yoga party? Platypus Kids yoga parties are tailor-made after lots of discussion with you to ensure the right theme, journeys, music and extra activities are planned to make your child feel special. No two yoga parties will ever be the same, because no two children are ever the same.

Each party lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours and includes all the usual fun and activities of a Platypus Kids yoga session, with added mindful crafting/gardening/cooking activities etc - tailored to your child’s interests - to calm the party down again in time for the party food or hometime, however you want it.

All I need is for you to provide the space and food, and I’ll provide the fun!

Oh, and each party includes a free gift for the birthday boy or girl.