Being a child in today’s world can be a stressful experience. I want to give children the skill to recognise what this feels like to them, and the tools to manage this.

About me

From Teacher to Platypus

Hi, welcome to Platypus Kids, and thanks for taking some time to get to know me better. Where to start?! My name is Nathan and I’ve been practising yoga and mindfulness in varying forms for as long as I can remember. I have always found them both to fill me with a sense of peace, gratitude and fulfilment.

Anyone who knows me well would usually describe me as a frustratingly positive and happy person, and I sincerely believe that this is due to the mindset my personal practice has given me. I am also certain that I’m not an anomaly, anyone can learn and train their mind and body to foster a similar way of life. Children are no exception here.

Before starting Platypus Kids I spent over a decade working with children in various walks of life. I have seen children at their best and worst, from the rock bottom when working as a custody detention officer in police cells, to the stress of learning to drive as a driving instructor, to the roller coaster of life that school brings them in my role as a primary school teacher since 2011. In all this time one thing I have been sad to note is the increase of stress and anxiety in young children’s lives. It is heartbreaking to watch ‘the best years’ of a life tainted by these conditions. In fact, it upsets me so much that when I decided to study my Masters degree I chose to specialise in understanding and developing strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety in young children. I have seen first hand the benefits a fun programme of wellbeing has on resetting the system of children of all ages. I am passionate about bringing this to as many children and families as possible through Platypus Kids.

As a teacher I have a very open door policy, and that follows with Platypus Kids too. If you want to find out more about me, my classes, or how I can help please reach out and get in touch.

Peace and Happiness