SATS Preparation - Stage 2, Mindfulness Pens (Video)

Welcome back. So today is a little introduction to using mindfulness as part of an activity instead of as a meditation. It might seem a little weird if you haven’t done it before, and you might wonder if you’re doing it right…or why you’re doing it! But trust me, there is no ‘wrong’ way, and you’re doing it to help lay the groundwork for some visualisation work next week. If you can get to grips with this mindful pen practice you WILL find the visualisation easier, and more useful. 10 minutes focused on a pen might seem a long time, but once you’ve learnt the techniques it only takes 20-30 seconds to do each time, at varying points throughout the day. Please approach this with an open mind, and it will make a difference to how calm you feel in the long run.

Nathan White